Our Expertise Areas

Aerospace Engineering

                  • Internal Flow Analysis in Nozzles, diffusers, and ducts.
                  • External Flow Analysis over Wings, Turbomachinery, and blades.
                  • Aerodynamic Load Optimization.
                  • Wind tunnel testing.

Automotive Engineering

                  • Aerodynamic Optimization.
                  • Cabin Ventilation studies.
                  • Engine Cooling system performance.
                  • Under the hood simulation.
                  • Conjugate Heat transfer analysis of Radiators.

Combustion and Heat Transfer

                  • Flows in gas turbine combustion chambers and afterburners.
                  • Experimental and CFD studies of Combusting flows, and alternative fuels.
                  • Studies on Combustion Instabilities.

Cooling of Electronic Components

                  • Cabinet /server rack cooling.
                  • Fan selection and duct shaping for cooling applications.
                  • Advanced cooling methods and technologies.
                  • Experimental and CFD Studies.

Medical Devices

                  • Micro-fluidics.
                  • Thermal management in Medical devices.
                  • Multiphase flows.
                  • Particle-laden flows.
                  • Implant Strength Analysis.
                  • Blood Flow Dynamics.

Renewable Energy and Building Aerodynamics

                  • Wind Turbine Design and Development.
                  • Wind tunnel testing and CFD studies of HAWTs, VAWTs.
                  • Wind Flow Analysis over Urban Structures.


Product Design, Design Optimization, and Reverse Engineering

                  • CAD Modelling.
                  • Design for Manufacturing.
                  • Design Optimization.
                  • Reverse Engineering.
                  • Product Testing.