Our Expertise

Aerospace Engineering

Internal flow (subsonic/supersonic) is nozzles, diffusers and ducts. External flow over turbo-machinery blades and wings, estimation of aerodynamic loads with specific focus in external stores, wind tunnel testing, experimental and CFD studies.

Automotive Engineering

Performance evaluation of prototype and full-scale models, reducing drag by aerodynamic devices, wind tunnel testing and CFD.

Combustion and Heat Transfer

Combusting flow in gas turbine combustion chambers and afterburners, combustion instabilities, experimental and CFD studies of combusting flows, alternative fuels.

Cooling of electronic components for computers using air/nano-fluids/boiling fluids, cabinet /server rack cooling, fan selection and duct shaping for cooling applications, complex heat transfer and cooling in restricted spaces and that of miniature components, experimental and CFD studies including Conjugate Heat Transfer.

Renewable Energy and Building Aerodynamics

Design and development of innovative horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbine, hybrid wind-solar systems, roof-top mounted urban wind turbines and determining compatible wind flow patterns over buildings- use of slats, wind flow over complex terrain, wind tunnel testing and CFD studies.

Product Design, Design optimization and Reverse Engineering

CAD/CAM, inverse design, drawing up of fresh specifications of aerospace components, when not being supplied by OEMs, evolving procedures for obtaining certifications from recognized agencies in the case of aerospace components.